1. Every citizen have free will without breaking any of the laws.
This means that each citizen have the right to choose where to work, vote, fight, etc.

2. Every citizen may only manage one account at any given time. Sharing, lending, selling or giving away your account is not allowed under any circumstances.
Using two or more accounts at the same time, will get all of your accounts banned without any warning. Creating multiple accounts is strictly forbidden and will get all accounts involved banned!

3. Insults, racism, flaming, pornography, spam and/or external advertising is not allowed.
Writing anything related to anything referred above in shouts, comments, articles or private messages will lead to certain amounts of Penalty Points.

4. vPopulus Studio isn’t responsible for anything that happen outside vPopulus official channels.
If you get scammed outside vPopulus channels we are not responsible for anything of it. For example if you buy a items from third person and they will not send you the items, even if you will send them currency, vPopulus Studio will not take any actions towards this person. To avoid such actions you should use the marketplace, exchange and trade.

5. The use of bugs, exploits, bots or automated software is not allowed under any circumstances.
If you find a bug or exploit in vPopulus you must report it to a moderator. If you use any 3rd party service that does any automated action for you in vPopulus, you will be punished.

6. Trading vPopulus goods for other games/Real life goods or money will result in a permanent ban of all accounts involved.
vPopulus in-game items and currency may only be used in vPopulus. Using it to trade anything outside vPopulus will get your account banned.

7. vPopulus Studio holds any rights to do any action they see fit without any prior notice.
Adminstration holds rights to punish players any way they see fit (Temporary or Permanent ban, removal of items or skills, etc). Any changes to the game or rules can be done without any warning.

Received Penalty Points expire after 4 months